Keith Retiring


One of our most valued engineers, Keith Halligan has decided to retire at the beginning of July after over 26 years of loyal service with us.

Keith will be a familiar face to our customers who have been with us for many years and I know you will be sad to hear he is leaving us. Many of you regularly comment about how you come to see our engineers as trusted friends and none more so than Keith, whose main responsibility in recent years has been the routine maintenance of our customer’s security equipment. In fact Keith still maintains alarms he installed when he first joined us!

We had hoped to offer our customers the opportunity to come into the office to share a cup of tea and a piece of cake  with Keith, as I know many of you have offered that to him on his regular visits to you. Unfortunately, given the current restrictions we are no longer able to do that but I know you will not want Keith to leave without having the chance to say ‘goodbye’. So, if you would like to leave Keith a message please drop us an email at or a note and we will make sure all the messages are passed on to him.

As a family business our values are centred around caring for both our customers and our employees and so whilst we will certainly miss Keith, we fully support his decision to retire, we thank him for his years of service and wish him health and happiness for the future.

We understand how important it is to have a good relationship with our customers and a huge part of that relationship is the based on the support our engineers provide, both initially and in the ongoing support we offer. We have a great team here at Secure It All and I am sure some of you have already met our other engineers who look forward to offering you the care and attention that we know you deserve.