Monitored Intruder Alarm Systems

Standard burglar alarms are a great first step when thinking about securing a home or building but for serious protection, you may want to consider the installation on a Monitoring Alarm System.

What is a Monitoring Alarm System?

Traditional burglar alarms will give off a loud ring or siren when activated, but often these alarms will last for about 20 minutes and turn off automatically. Unfortunately, many things can trip a burglar alarm and so neighbours in surrounding properties may turn a deaf ear to your alarm, thinking that it’s the result of something perfectly innocent such as weather conditions or wildlife, or even a defective system.

If a neighbour reports the activation of an Intruder Alarm to the police, they may not come out and investigate unless an act of theft is actually being witnessed at the time of the call. So, even with a Burglar Alarm, your house or business property is still vulnerable when you are not around.

With a Monitoring Intruder Alarm System, when the alarm is tripped or setoff, a signal is sent down the telephone line or another communication network and is directed to the correct authority. These alarms may notify the Police, or in the case of Fire Alarms they will get in touch with Fire and Rescue Services.

The alarm signal is sent to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) and they have a duty under legislation to act under the highest of standards. Advances in technology mean that Active Alarm Monitoring will keep a check that the phone line has not been damaged in any way (preventing a burglar from circumventing the alarm).

RedCare from BT is an example of an Active Monitoring System which the team as Secure It All can install for you. It is important to understand that different Intruder Alarm Systems of this nature will provide varying signal paths. The signal paths are important because insurers grade alarms on this.

RedCare offers a variety of industry standard security alarm products such as Redcare GSM. CSL DualCom GradeShift is another great system. It may feel daunting when choosing the right Monitored Intruder Alarm for you, but you can rest assured that our skilled and friendly installers are ready to carefully explain all of our security and Intruder Alarm products.

We can also provide alternative products and Alarm Signalling over IP, where the broadband network will save you on call charges.

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