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We are frequently asked questions on the installation of  CCTV systems, the most asked question is how much?

Of course this depends on the number of cameras that are required, the type of cameras used and the length of time play back from your system is required, and on current prices would be as shown.

Remember that a CCTV is a deterrent, and shows you what has happened and what is currently happening at your property. It does not prevent a crime, but can deter criminals.

A residential CCTV system with 4 cameras,  Digital Video Recording for up to 7 days reviewing, all labour and cabling could start at £700 + vat depending on the type of cameras used.

A high definition system utilizing a High Definition PTZ (Pan, Tilt and Zoom) camera would start at 1550.00 + vat

A system using ANPR, (automatic Number Plate Recognition) in the region of £1600.00 + VAT.

Commercial CCTV systems may also require Towers, Motion detectors, Speakers ( for a remote monitoring centre to notify the persons with in view that the system is monitored), and an amplifier.

This shows the diversity of CCTV systems, and all systems can usually  be viewed from a smart phone, a  monitor or computer screen.

CCTV systems are not usually recommended instead of an Intruder Alarm system, but should be used in addition to, always check what any insurance company requires.

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Intruder Alarm Systems

We are often asked what is the cost of an intruder alarm system, which is difficult to answer.

We believe that you should have a system that suits your needs, be it for your home or business, it should be installed correctly and should not have repeated call backs. To this end we have fully trained engineers and use proven equipment.

We do not need to do special offers or sales, but do give support to all our clients with their questions or any problems.

To try to give an idea of cost we would install an HKC system which is easy to use, and is suitable for all types of premises, with a door contact, two PIR’s and an external bell box starting at £499.00 + VAT.

Some of the key benefits:

Messages and alerts are audibly notified as well as being displayed on the control panel keypad. Quantum 70 is a complete wireless solution offering a quick hassle free installation and ease of use.

SW 10270 is a hybrid panel that can be configured for both wired and wireless detectors.

Systems can be professionally monitored and can also send messages to smart phones. The HKC App (Android & Apple) allows control of the system from remote locations via the SecureComm Cloud and allows up to date status of the system including set / unset functionality, receipt of alerts, images and alarms via text and audibly notifications. CCTV systems can also be integrated to the App to receive live streams in the event of an activation.

The HKC App allows complete control of the system from any location. Systems can be set/unset, activity logs checked or images requested from the RF PIR Camera. Alerts and messages are notified via text and also audibly transmitted to a Smart Phone. Integrated to the App to receive live streams in the event of an activation.

Utilising the App, alarm owners can be aware of such things as the status of the system, who is at home, if a child has not come home at a predetermined time, or what detector has activated. Using the RF PIR Camera images can be sent or requested by an authorised user to their smart phone.

A full range of life safety devices are available. Smoke, Heat and Carbon Monoxide detectors that can be easily installed in key locations. In the event of detection the System will annunciate the alarm using on board voice library and immediately sound ALL life safety devices installed.

This is particularly important with poisonous gases that cannot be detected by odour. The Carbon Monoxide detector will immediately activate and the control panel will audibly warn of the presence of CO gases and request that the premises be vacated. All such messages can be transmitted off site by the on-board communicator.

The RF Fob allows the user to set/unset the system from outside the premises. The device can be configured to operate with a secure pin code to prevent unauthorized use. The FOB has an on board duress button which will activate the system when pressed.

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