Access Control Systems

You have a requirement to protect your property or premises against unwelcome visitors but also wish to allow free entry and passage for those authorised users or visitors. This is where installing an Access Control System is the ideal solution, to give you peace of mind that your premises are protected, particularly where you have frequent personnel traffic entering and exiting.

Secure It All design, install and maintain varying types of electronic access control systems for residential and commercial customers, ranging from single-door to computer-based multi-door installations for larger buildings and sites. Our solutions are tailor-made to your requirements, taking into account the size of your premises, your budget and the number of personnel. We can also integrate any access solution into your existing security system so you have complete control.

An Access Control System can be as straightforward or as complex as you require. However, what each system needs to do is to allow access and passage around your premises to authorised users. The more sophisticated systems not only prevent unauthorised external access but can also control and monitor the internal movements of personnel too, through swipe or proximity cards.

The two main types of control system available are:

Networked access
With networked access you define the access zones. The system also enables you update user profiles, can be integrated with an existing security system and also can be accessed remotely via a secure online virtual network. Ideal for larger commercial premises.

Standalone access
If you want your home or small business to have an additional level of protection whilst eliminating the need for keys, standalone access would be the right choice. With a range of applications available, you gain entry through swipe cards, push-button keypads as well as automated gates.