Summertime Tips

Its that time of year when we enjoy garden bbq’s, the days are longer and we keep our windows open for that fresh air! Lets make sure we stay mindful that potential thieves are still active and ensure that only air gets through your window this summer!

Some tips:

  • Ensure you do not leave windows, doors or pet flaps open when leaving the home
  • Ensure garden gates are locked and sheds/outdoor storage is securely locked when not in use
  • Do not leave valuables in open view by windows
  • Keep valuables including keys away and out of reach from open windows/letterboxes
  • Avoid leaving windows open at night if possible
  • Consider increasing your home security such as cctv, alarms and locks
  • Do not leave windows/doors open on unattended vehicles
  • Keep valuables in vehicles out of view
  • Remain alert and stay vigilant if you notice strange people or vehicles in your area acting unusually/suspiciously make a note of their description
  • If going away consider timed lighting in the home/a trusted person to check in daily