A Big Thank You

The last 18 months have been like nothing we have ever experienced before.

We have had to dramatically change the way we do things to protect both our customers and our employees and that has not been without some difficulties.

We would like to thank all of our customers, who despite these difficulties, have remained loyal to us and been patient with us when we haven’t been able to provide our normal level of service. We made the decision early on, that with reduced employees and working hours, we should prioritise those customers who have a service contract with us. We never like to turn away anyone who needs support but it seemed only right that those people who had a commitment to us, should be where we focused our limited resources.

As things are easing, we are starting to return to a more regular way of working. We have extended working hours back to 9am -5pm Monday to Thursday and 9am – 4pm on a Friday but we are still asking customers to call rather than visit the office. Although we have made significant changes to the reception area to provide a covid safe environment, we are able to do most things by phone or email so we would ask you to avoid coming to the office without first contacting us.

We have some catching up to do. We have always had a very busy schedule and taking time out of that has made it extremely difficult to maintain our routine maintenance calendar but rest assured, we are working hard to get back on track.

Once again thank you for your continued support and understanding and we look forward to being able to extend our assistance over the coming months.

Stay safe