HKC IMPORTANT NOTICE! Old SecureComm App End-of-Life

Dear App User,

The HKC SecureComm app was introduced in 2014. In May 2022, this app was replaced by the HKC SecureComm 2 app.

The HKC SecureComm 2 app has many extra features, and we are continuing to add new features to this app which unfortunately can’t be made available to the old app. The old app uses technology that is no longer supported by iOS and Android operating systems, so the time has now come to retire this app.

We wish to advise that the old App will no longer function after the 9th of July 2024, and that customers will now need to upgrade to the new app. Links to download the new apps and a further link to our website with more information will be provided: SecureComm App Retired | HKC (

From the beginning of June, push notifications will also be sent to users’ phones on a regular basis advising of this requirement to upgrade. These notifications will stop once they upgrade their app and uninstall the old app. Android users will see a popup message advising there is a new app available when they open the app. iOS users already see an option on the home screen of the app advising them that there is a new app available.

Note: There is no charge to download the new App, and once the new App has been opened, a seamless process to migrate all sites from the old App will be given to users. We strongly advise you to forward this message to your customers in case they miss the message on their App, or they don’t use the App again before the end-of-life date of the old SecureComm App.

Links to download the New HKC SecureComm 2 App:
iOS: HKC SecureComm 2 on the App Store (
Android: HKC SecureComm2 – Apps on Google Play

Kind regards,

HKC Security Ltd.