Week Ending 16 September 2016

We take lots of enquiries about CCTV as this becomes an ever more popular and affordable way to protect your property.

High Definition CCTV is now readily available for domestic home systems, as well as commercial and industrial. There are lots of options depending on what your requirements and budget are and we are happy to give you a free no obligation quote.

This week we have upgraded a CCTV system for one of our commercial customers in Worcester who opted to use IP technology that wasn’t previously available when they originally had their system installed.

As well as large commercial CCTV systems we also regularly install domestic CCTV systems, sometimes with just two cameras that can be viewed on your phone or tablet.

Also this week we have been finalising a Grade 3 Police Response intruder alarm system in Birmingham. This system was installed to meet strict insurance requirements and will be Nacoss Certificated.

Don’t’ forget, it’s always worth checking with your insurance company to make sure your security system meets the requirements of your policy, including having it regularly maintained by an approved company such as Secure It All.