Returning To Work

As the government relaxes the lock down, we are slowly but safely returning to work.

We will not yet be re opening with full staff due to physical distancing measures we have put in place.

We will see clients by appointment , to ensure social distancing in our reception area, please call our offices or use the chat line to book an appointment, should you wish to visit. If you call up to our offices we may not be able to let you enter if we already have clients in reception.

For our engineers we will require 2 metres or preferably more when they are on site, this is easier to do in residential properties, but must also be ensured in commercial premises.

We all have a duty to ensure this  virus does not spread to keep all of us healthy and safe.

Please call us on 0121 423 1119

Some of you will be aware Keith one of our engineers spending 27 years with Secure It All retired on 2nd July. We were due to have a retirement party in the offices for him to say good bye to any one who wanted to call in and say good bye on the day, as this was not possible due to social distancing we do have a link on our blog, so that any one who wants to can send him a message. We wish him all the best and a long and happy retirement

Stay safe and well everyone.