Online Chat Now Added

Our web site has now had ON LINE CHAT added, so folks can chat to an operator, or leave an off line message. This we believe makes us more available to our new and our loyal clients. It is powered by, it is easy to use, find it on the bottom right of the web site, lets hope we ‘chat’ to you soon if you have a question about a quote or your system.

Simple Jamming

Check out this you tube link, one of our recent clients sent us this link with concerns that maybe his wireless alarm could be disabled as easily. We were able to put his mind at rest, as we always install 2 way wire free systems, which are supervised, not the one way cheaper system that is shown in this clip. Remember that not all wire free intruder alarm systems are 2 way systems, so check what you have or what you are purchasing. Anything can be jammed, but lets make it difficult for the would be thieves. HKC systems poll every 20 seconds, if a device is missed it will go into device failure. This could be due to flat batteries, building changes etc., or jamming, but the HKC system will also detect jamming and cause an alarm.

Installations of CCTV and Intruder Alarm Systems

Our lads are busy this month fitting Intruder alarms in Halesowen, Dudley, Stourbridge, and CCTV in Brierley Hill, Bromsgrove Tamworth and Bristol. Very busy month now that the clocks have gone back, we all want to keep what we have purchased and certainly don’t want the damage and costs that burglaries cause.