Holiday Season take care in the sun, and of your possessions

Holiday season again, and problems with non maintained systems. Seems that clients only want to set the alarm when they go away on holiday and are so surprised when it goes off and bothers the neighbours.

Any equipment can fail at any time and if we haven’t checked it for many years then the batteries will be suspect, and cabling could have been nibbled at. We would recommend that all systems are regularly maintained so that they work when they are required to do so.

We have had a few clients just lately that have been unlucky enough to have unwanted visitors in the wee hours, but they have been deterred when the alarm system has activated. Damage done though to doors as they try to gain access.

We changed the Chubb alarm here for a nice up to date HKC system with Apps,  system works from the keypad and the home owners smart phone. Always aware that his alarm has not activated, or his smart phone would advise even when he is on holiday

Alarms are a great deterrent, look after them and the system will protect your property and contents new you are out oraway, and try to stay off social media when away so you don’t leave clues. We wish every one great and peaceful holidays.