Reasons to consider CCTV Installation in Dudley, Walsall, and Halesowen

Whilst most of us go about our day working hard and respecting each others property, there will always be people out there who behave in a dishonest way. CCTV Installation can both prevent, and solve crime. Here’s how.

Customer Theft Prevention

Your business can’t run without the good will of your honest regular customers, but if you let the less wanted guests steal, you won’t have a business at all. CCTV is considered normal in most establishments and it is a great way to deter oppurtunists from sneaking out the door with unpaid items.

Staff Theft Prevention

Whilst the idea of spying on your valued staff seems awkward, the truth is that many outlets in the West Midlands, particularly in the retail sector, engage in CCTV in order to keep tabs on cashiers and other team members who are responsible for cash or high value items. The temptation to steal from an employer is greatly reduced when clearly signposted CCTV is in operation.

CCTV helps with the process of Serving Justice

If a visitor to your store, or a team member within your business is stealing from you, how will you prove it? CCTV is a valuable tool in the process of gathering evidence. Not only can CCTV highlight the culprit, but it can also remove innocent people from your inquiries.

Internal and External areas benefit from CCTV installation

Fire exits and other external areas such as car parks can benefit from CCTV Installation from Secure It All. CCTV in car parks can deter or prevent car theft. CCTV can also help with insurance claims where evidence is needed to determine fault. Such cameras and the resulting footage can also identify drivers or their registration plates.

24 Hour Surveillance

You don’t have eyes in the back of your head, and you can’t be everywhere all at once, so sleep easier knowing that when you are tucked up in bed, CCTV is monitoring your home or business. CCTV can be set to trigger alarms, or even upload footage to the cloud.

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