CCTV and Monitored Alarm Installs

Question: If you are looking to secure your property in Dudley, Halesowen, Kidderminster, Stourbridge, Walsall, Wolverhampton or the surrounding areas in the West Midlands, who can install your CCTV or Monitored Alarm system?

Answer: Secure It All.

Our team of friendly, highly skilled security engineers frequently complete installation projects concerning CCTV and Monitored Alarms.

CCTV Installation

When it comes to choosing security camera’s, one kit is not the same as another. Each system will have its own specifications. Some are hard-wired only, whilst other have wi-fi capability. Some older systems that may be sold cheaply could be lacking in colour, or may record at a smaller, low quality resolution.

At Secure It All, we take the guess work out of sourcing, and installing CCTV systems. We can advise on the type of camera that is right for you. We can also help with choosing just how many camera’s you need, and where to place them for maximum effectiveness. In addition to the camera’s themselves, we can also help you consider how they will be connected. Will the system talk directly to your home computer, or will you have a separate digital video recorder that can be hidden from view.

Secure It All have been the number one installer and supplier of CCTV systems in the West Midlands for many years. We are a family run business and believe in a great after-care service. All equipment is backed up by warranty, and our team is fully insured. To protect your home or business with CCTV in the West Midlands, contact us today.

Monitored Alarms

Question: What is a Monitored Alarm?

Answer: Simply put, a Monitored Alarm will notify a key holder, or the police, when activated.

Monitored Alarms may be triggered by CCTV, or by motion. If the alarm communicated with the police, you can be sure that a response will be rapid, unlike a traditional alarm that requires someone to hear the siren, and notify the authorities.

The problem many property owners face these days is that their neighbours may not call the police if an alarm goes off. One reason for this is the number of false alarms that occur on streets daily. If you want your alarm to be taken seriously, a Monitored Alarm is the solution.

One example of a Monitored Alarm is Redcare, but there are several other options and it is worth while chatting with an experienced team such as the engineers at Secure It All, before deciding on a system. We can talk you through the tried and tested solutions that are on the market, and plan a Monitored Alarm install that is tailored to your home or business. Please contact us today.