April 2019 Update

IMG 0655

A few of our lads have been working locally on a CCTV, lighting and  Intruder contract which is coming to completion soon, client happy and  now the weather is getting better the boys on site are drier and happier.

A further concrete drop will be made by Freeflo concrete on Wednesday  so work continues till completion.

We have also been out and about installing new domestic alarm systems, and updating our maintained clients bell boxes with the new back lit boxes we are now able to supply, and the customers reaction to these are great. We see these being in high demand as an upgrade.

We will be updating our blog, with completion photo’s at our sites, how ever we do not wish to identify our clients addresses, so we will always be careful not to show company logos’ or even identify the address of the install, so any location details we do give for a site we acknowledge would be incorrect.

We will always keep our clients details secure.

We will be updating our CCTV shortly, we will how ever identify our site and the updated camera system.

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