CCTV system installation in Hereford

During last month we installed a new CCTV system in Hereford for a local family run business, to protect their own and customers property.

A local business that had Access CCTV and Intruder from us back in 2002, recently had a break in, the systems activated and prevented anything being taken, but some damage was done, have had an upgrade and additions to  all three systems.

A business in Coventry, had additional detection fitted to what had been empty offices when we had fitted the intruder Alarm in 2017, and will be having a full CCTV system installed.

In Droitwich we fitted a new Fire Alarm and an Intruder Alarm system, to a commercial premises, this was completed  and handed over for the client to move in to their new property, with the protection required by their insurance company.

A large Wolverhampton company had a door access system fitted, so they could control who entered the building, staff have free access, customers and visitors use a call button to bring up a cctv image and drawn attention to their presence, and can be allowed to enter if permitted.

All these systems are now giving peace of mind to our new and existing customers, and they are enjoying the reduction in fear and stress that their security systems are now giving them.

If you have any security requirements please contact or call our experienced team on or 0121 423 1119.