Please stay in touch

The rules around how your personal data is protected are changing

 A new EU regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is designed to protect the data of  EU residents.

This means that we need to confirm that you are happy for us to contact you to advise of renewal dates, and appointments for service visits etc., as in the past.

We need to do this before 25th May or you could miss renewals and we won’t be able to contact you for appointments.

We are currently making it a priority to ensure all our customers are aware of the change.

How does it affect you?

As a result of this change, we are updating our customers preferences at the moment. Unless you tell us how you want to stay in touch with you, we won’t be able to contact you.

What should you do?

So we don’t miss you out, please complete the following 3 easy steps.

  1. Read the above and download the GDPR form our web site, or if attached
  2. Tick the boxes to select your choice, we would prefer all opportunities to be able to contact you, if you agree.
  3. Send to us your preferences, by email, post or take a photo of the form and email it to

Thank you for staying in touch.