Male Arrested For Theft from Motor Vehicle and Property Recovered

Officers from C unit response, based at Brierley Hill, have responded to a report of a male searching cars on driveways on Lutley drive, Stourbridge at about 0215 hours this morning.

We conducted an area search using one of our police dogs. The dog tracked to St Mary’s church on Rectory Road and indicated that someone was within the grounds. We found a suspect within the nursery playground hiding in a wendy house.

The male was already wanted for a theft related offence and he was arrested on suspicion of theft from motor vehicle

He was found in possession of the pictured wallet containing money and a full packet of 20 cigarettes.

We suspect that these items have been stolen from a residents vehicle and we have found several cars on the street which are insecure having been searched. However at this time we can not locate the owner of the wallet or cigarettes.

If you live in the area and recognise the wallet as being stolen from your vehicle please phone 101 quoting log number 348 20/5/20.

We would be also be interested in any cctv footage of any offenders searching vehicles in the area.

The male remains in custody as we continue to investigate.