Changes at Secure It All June 2014

For so long we have not had vacancies at Secure It All, and recently Natalie left after 11 years, for you guessed it,  less hours, more pay, and Simon who had been with us  for just over two years has gone back to his previous position based in Malvern. We wish them both all the best in their new positions.

Debbie and Lisa have now been here a month in a job share role dealing with the administration in our office, and we are now looking for an engineer to join the team.

We need someone with some experience in the type of systems we install, intruder, as we need someone to take a share of on call, but we also install and maintain CCTV Access and Fire.

We are also looking for someone to develop the business, find new customers  and bring new ideas into the Company, ideas for something to celebrate our 25th year in business would be exciting.